Why You Should Go Modern with Glass Railings
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February 17, 2017

Traditionally, stair railings have always been made of wood, wrought iron or steel, which is just fine. But if you have a taste for modern or minimalist decor, there’s nothing like glass railings to up the wow factor of your home! Glass railings not only fit in perfectly with the clean, simple lines of a modern interior, they also make any space look bigger and airier — and unless you live in a castle, a sense of open, airy space is something that enhances any home. Here are some of the most common types and uses of glass railings:

Steel Over Glass

For a truly modern feel, there’s nothing like pairing steel with glass for a cutting-edge look that fits in perfectly with modern furnishings. The steel edge plays well off the natural wood of the stair treads, while the glass allows the geometry of the stairs themselves to shine, almost like a piece of functional art.

Glass Railing as Sculpture

Here’s a case where the glass railings themselves become sculptural with soft curves, proving that glass doesn’t necessarily look the same in every application.

A Glass Railing Lets Other Features Shine

It would be a shame to hide this stunning staircase behind wood or steel railings. Here, a minimalist glass railing recedes quietly into the background to let the stairs steal the show.

A Deck Railing That Doesn’t Compete

A glass deck railing allows for unobstructed views and complements modern architecture to “sheer” perfection! If you’re lucky enough to have a view of water, mountains, pastureland or forest, why hide a portion of it behind wood railings?

A Translucent Look

If transparency isn’t your thing, but you still like the idea of a glass railing, go with frosted glass in lieu of clear. There’s no rule that says glass has to be completely transparent. Another option is the textured glass, wood and steel railing used on this contemporary staircase.

Glass on Glass

For a daring look with maximum impact and maximum light, try a floating glass staircase with glass railings

Spiraling Glass

An outdoor spiral staircase becomes even more sculptural than usual when you add glass railings topped with a sleek wooden banister. Indoors, a spiral staircase in walnut with glass railings would be the focal point no matter what else was in the room! Once again, any other railing choice would take away from the magnificence of these rich-looking stairs.

Blended Styles

A classic staircase with glass railings creates a blend of modern and traditional styles and allows an unobstructed view of an interesting wall of windows behind it. Although you may think that a glass railing will only work in a contemporary setting, it also works very well in other settings such as craftsman-style, rustic, or traditional.

Is a Glass Railing Safe?

Building codes would not allow glass railings if they weren’t safe. In fact, international building codes require glass railings to be a minimum 1/4″ (6 mm) thick monolithic tempered glass, laminated tempered glass, or laminated heat-strengthened glass.

The panels and their support systems must be able to resist certain load requirements. The types of glass mentioned are strengthened and treated to withstand force and pressure, so you can rest assured that your glass railing is perfectly safe as well as beautiful.

You’ll see glass railing systems used in office buildings, shopping malls, and other commercial settings as well as in homes all over the world.

Michael’s Glass Company can install a statement-making glass railing in your Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware home or business.

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