When Should I Replace My Glass Tabletop?
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February 25, 2022

Over time, surface scratches develop on your glass tabletop. What options are available to restore your glass tabletop to like-new condition? You can order a tabletop glass replacement or polish the area lightly to restore its appearance.

How are Glass Tabletops Manufactured?

For glass replacement, ordinary glass is cut to size, polished, beveled, and drilled or cut. After the glass is formed, it undergoes a tempering process, which hardens and strengthens it.

Glass made of tempered glass resists scratches. However, it can still shatter when struck with enough force. When tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into safer granular particles rather than sharp fragments. Tempered glass is permanently hardened as a result of tampering.

Buffing Glass Tabletops

In this case, scratch removal will be restricted and will require delicate handling. Here is a procedure (without any guarantees) for buffing out light scratches.

You should start by cleaning with a soft cloth or lambswool, as paper and coarse fabrics can cause more surface scratches. Make sure to clean the area surrounding the scratches first. Apply a small amount of fine metal polish, jeweler’s rouge, or even toothpaste whitening to the scratches and gently massage it in. It may take multiple attempts, and gentle buffing may help remove the scratches. You may also experiment with a variable speed buffer (medium speed).

Get a Tabletop Glass Replacement with Michael’s Glass!

Do you need tabletop glass replacement? A replacement glass tabletop can be ordered online and delivered directly to your home.