Use Mirrored Wall as Decor: Boost Space, Light & Function of a Room
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January 13, 2017

The incredible power of a large mirror to transform a small space is undeniable. But the real value of mirrors comes into sharp focus when you think about the idea of an entire mirrored wall. 

On such a large scale, a mirrored surface is truly magnificent in its ability to impress.

A mirrored wall can make a small room look twice its actual size, make a grand space even more awe-inspiring, and reflect interesting or intricate features in a room for double the impact. In in a home gym, dance studio, or yoga room, a mirrored wall is far more than just a modern-looking feature. A mirrored wall becomes a catalyst that adds light to the darkness and lets you view your form while exercising, dancing or going through your daily yoga routine.

We’ve put together a collection of links (below) to inspire you to consider several ways a mirrored wall can improve your home both stylistically and functionally:

Mirrors in the Home Gym or Studio

  • A mirrored wall in a room dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation allows you to check your form while practicing various asana. You’ll be able to confirm that your back is straight, your shoulders are relaxed, etc.
  • A basement gym gets brighter with a mirrored wall that allows exercisers to check their progress. (Note the ballet barre mounted to the mirrored wall for ballet or Pilates practice or just for stretching muscles after a workout).
  • A home dance studio with mirrored walls mounted with ballet barre, flanking a door to the outside.

Change the Apparent Size of a Room

  • Sometimes, a room with vaulted ceilings can seem a little stark. A mirrored wall with grids is a great way to break up space, so it’s not overwhelming. You can even incorporate a disappearing door into the gridded wall as they’ve done here.
  • mirrored wall behind a floating vanity and at the other end of the room makes it look like you can see forever! Or you can mirror only the wall above the vanity for a room-enlarging, light enhancing effect if the multiple reflection thing isn’t your cup of tea.
  • An extremely narrow powder room like this would feel claustrophobic without the use of multiple mirrored surfaces. Bonus: You can see your hairstyle from the back with the mirrored expanse behind the vanity!

Let There be (Mirrored) Light!

  • Mirrored walls allow you to paper your walls without sacrificing any light in the room.
  • giant mirror display in an entryway bounces light around and allows you and your guests to do a last-minute lipstick and hair check before leaving. It also provides the perfect background for an entryway console and chairs.
  • Basement gyms can be dark, but there’s no chance in this room since its full covering of mirrored walls reflect light all over the place and make it a dazzling room even without windows.

Pure Reflective Beauty

  • The mirrored wall on this modern house reflects the beautiful natural surroundings.
  • mirrored wall in an urban apartment reflects the great views of the city beyond.
  • The mirrored wall in this ultra-modern London area bathroom hides shelving for linens and bath supplies and reflects the English countryside back into the room.

You can get creative with a mirrored wall by breaking it into grids or stripes, giving it a “torn” appearance, using antiqued mirrored glass, or even making it into something else – like this amazing wall-sized clock! Mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen light up counter tops, and according to the art of Feng Shui, a mirror is a symbol of abundance when used in a kitchen setting!

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