The Top Four Ways Custom Mirrors Can Make Your Home Extraordinary
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August 25, 2017

Custom Mirror Ideas For Your Home:

Whether it’s admiring yourself in your latest suit or checking out your hair before you leave for work, mirrors are an essential part of everyday life. But mirrors have come a long way from just being used for grooming. Today, they are an essential part of home décor.


Gone are the days when y would walk into the home improvement store and pick up what was available and hang it on the wall. This is the age of custom mirrors. They come in all shapes and sizes.


Apart from reflecting light and making a small space look big, it also helps dress up a room. If you’re wondering how, here are some imaginative ways of using custom glass mirrors.


Wardrobe Panels:

Mirror on wardrobe panels can help make the room look bigger by reflecting natural light. It also adds functionality in smaller bedrooms and doubles up as a vanity mirror.


If you have mirrored wardrobes, which run the length of the walls, it will give an impression that there’s no closet. A narrow walk in closet with a tiny window can come alive with custom mirrors that reflect sunlight to make the small place look bright. If your walk in closet doesn’t have a window, mirrored doors increase the amount of light by reflection.


Mirrors in the Bedroom:

Adding patterns to mirrored door panels on your wardrobe can add a hint of playfulness in your bedroom. Custom mirror designs can help become the focal point of bedrooms that are too big or have a window with an endless sight, like opening up to a forest.


Mirrors in the Bathroom:

You can choose from framed, frameless or custom mirrors when you are designing your bathroom. You can pick both the mirror and frames separately for a custom look.


A good way to choose the size of your mirror is by thinking of how it will compliment your vanity. The length of the mirror should always be 4 inches (2 inches on each side) smaller than the length of your vanity. And the height should be at least 4 inches from the ceiling.


There’s no way to test run your custom mirror and send it back if you don’t like it. Though there is various software available that can build a mock up design of your bathroom and show you how it would look, there’s a quick and dirty way to do it.


Make a template out of paper the size of the mirror that you would ideally like on your bathroom wall. Stick it on the wall and see if you like it. It will take a little bit of imagination, but it will give you a fair idea of whether you will love it or not.


You should also consider how you would like to mount the mirror on the wall. Mirror brackets are good for temporary fixing. Glue is the best way to go if you’re looking for a long term solution.


Mirrors for the Kitchen:

Mirror symbolizes water in Fengshui and should be hung above the stove to help the person who’s cooking, see what’s behind them. You should never use mirrors as a backsplash, as they could shatter or crack from the heat. Good places to use mirrors are over the sink or on an open kitchen shelf.


You could experiment with custom mirrors on cabinet shelves. Adding antique mirrors on the cabinet doors will give your kitchen a unique look. Mirrors reflect whatever is across them, so make sure to place them across from things you want to see more of.


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