Specialty Window Glass Addresses Many Important Needs

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November 4, 2016

Specialty window glass includes a diverse array of glass products that bring added beauty, increased safety and privacy to your home or business.

Types of Specialty Glass

Here are just some of the unique types of window glass available on the market:

Art glass – Decorative glass that is opalescent, iridescent or patterned is often called art glass. Bring bold colors and artistic designs into your residence through the use of opalescent art glass. Colored art glass acquires its color from minerals mixed into the glass when it is in a molten state. When back-lit, such glass exudes particularly rich and vibrant color.

Art glass evokes the feeling of traditional leaded stained glass that has inspired people in houses of worship for centuries. Traditional stained glass was typically painted before being fired, and the pieces of glass are held together by lead cames.

Today, it is possible to laminate art glass with insulated glass for a unique combination of beauty, strength, and energy-efficiency.

Pattern or pressed glass – It is possible to machine-roll embossed patterns on one side of sheet glass when it is still soft. The textured pattern simultaneously offers privacy and good light transmission. Although pattern glass is typically clear, it can be tinted as well.

Beveled glass – Window panes sometimes feature beveled glass for an elegant, artistic look. Relatively thick sheet glass is often used to allow for a larger bevel that refracts light in dynamic ways. Hand-made and machine-made beveled glass is available. The grinding employed in hand-crafting beveled glass often results in a crisper edge than is possible with machine-made versions.

Laminated glass – Residential and commercial laminated glass function much like automobile windshield glass does. Laminated glass is often a three-ply product that features a tough plastic layer sandwiched between two panes of glass.

This specialty product which serves several vital purposes. First, it keeps nearby individuals safe if accidental breakage occurs. No one wants to see a person needlessly injured by flying glass, and the potential liability issues raise concerns as well. Second, laminated glass windows resist the ravages of extreme weather events, including tropical storms and tornadoes. When laminated glass does crack it still keeps the water at bay – water that would otherwise damage valuables and floor coverings. Laminated glass can reduce property damage when severe storms do strike the region.

Third, vandals and burglars are often better deterred by tough, laminated glass. Fourth, it is possible to fabricate this UV-resistant, super-strong product with low e-glass for improved thermal efficiency. A one-time investment in low e-glass offers reduced heating and cooling costs for years and years to come.

Opaque or opaline glass – It is possible to formulate glass windows and panels to promote privacy in both residential and commercial applications. For example, textured glass transmits light without making it possible to see people and objects on the other side.

Wire glass – This specialty glass is commonly used in service elevators, commercial doors and side lights where building code requirements and impact safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission are considerations. Fire-resistant commercial wire glass can handle both heat and high-pressure hose streams. It is designed to remain in the frame when subjected to thermal stress, even if it cracks.

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