Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Gaurds Protect Your Food

If you have a restaurant or run a cafeteria, you need sneeze guards or railings to protect the food and your customers. When it comes to professional commercial glass installation, you want to deal with a team of professionals who can fabricate and install custom made products for your commercial operation.

For a cafeteria or restaurant, you want to work with a professional glass service company that can not only install but fabricate custom aluminum materials then add glass that is either insulated, laminated glass, annealed or tempered.

Professional Glass Services for Commercial Dining Establishments

As a professional glass service, Michael’s Glass Company offers the full-line of commercial glass services for all kinds of products, including windows, doors, freezers, and coolers, sneeze guards and railings. With a team of experts skilled in all types of commercial glass needs, we have become the team more businesses and restaurants throughout the greater Philadelphia area trust.

Ordering Your Sneeze Guard

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Sneeze Guards

If you have a restaurant or run a cafeteria you need sneeze guards or railings to protect food and your customers. Get more information here.

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Maintenance & Repair

Properly maintained and repaired food guards can last for a decade or more. Tips on how to keep your sneeze guard pristine.

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When to Replace

How does a restaurant owner know when it is the right time to replace their sneeze guards or food shields? Here are the four most likely indicators.

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