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Philadelphia Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Maybe you’re ready for a change in your bathroom, or you want a more modern and sophisticated feel. Exploring shower door installation companies is the way to go!

Contemporary shower enclosures combine style and functionality, making your existing home feel like new or giving a new home a classy design. Check out all the benefits of custom glass shower doors with shower door contractors in Philadelphia with Michael’s Glass.

How New Custom Glass Shower Doors Enhance Your Home

Homeowners in Philadelphia are always looking for ways to gain more space or make an area feel roomier. Glass quickly creates the sensation of more square footage.

This gorgeous amenity can also increase your home’s value. Attractive bathrooms are always a prime concern for home buyers.

Best of all, with the help of our Philadelphia shower door contractors, you can achieve the perfect fit for your bathroom, no matter what theme you opt for. Shower door installation companies can help your shower look great in any style, whether it’s beachy, farmhouse, industrial, or traditional.

Tips for Designing Your Shower Door Enclosures 

Custom shower door enclosures can be nearly anything you want them to be. However, you have to remember a few critical design considerations.

Door Openings

One of the most commonly overlooked details is how swinging shower doors open and close. Forgetting to plan for this element can create long-lasting frustration.

For safety and practicality, the curb beneath your doors must hit the return knee wall at a 90-degree angle. Proper fitting ensures that the door closes securely and is fully supported.

If any details get confusing, don’t worry! Our professional shower door contractors at Michael’s Glass can walk you through step-by-step to ensure every aspect of your home upgrade project looks exquisite!

Water Drainage

Pitching your shower floor plan can ensure water drains correctly and prevent mold from forming. Proper drainage keeps your shower space clean and inviting instead of harboring bacteria. The same goes for any floor in a bathroom that could be subject to excess water and humidity.

Another reminder is to direct water spray away from your shower doors. This step prevents water from escaping and creating a mess.

Proper Materials

You may love the look of glass tiles, but they can be prone to cracking, even during installation. If you want to ensure that your beautiful new bathroom looks its best for years to come, trust our team of professionals with your Philadelphia shower doors and enclosures rather than going about it on your own.


Different Types of Shower Doors

Review our shower door options to find the style and material that fit your design with our professional shower door contractors in Philadelphia.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek design and high-end feel. They eliminate bulkiness but provide stability using thicker glass.

While frameless doors cost more than other options, they offer a more refined look that is difficult to match. Frameless shower doors pair well with light-colored tiles and modern furnishings for an elegant, spa-like atmosphere. 

These doors are easy to clean. There are no gaps or crevices for dirt, grime, and residues to accumulate in. Maintenance-wise, frameless doors are the easiest to repair.

Additionally, a frameless design creates a sense of space in small bathrooms. Their style makes them appear less obstructive and allows more light in, making areas seem bigger than they are.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed doors are the traditional option. They are more affordable because you can use thinner glass that is still safe and shatterproof. Framed shower doors are ideal for people who love the look of metal in their aesthetic.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

If you’re looking for something between a framed and frameless design, semi-frameless shower doors fill your needs! These doors balance cost and durability and are available in swinging or sliding configurations. 

The swinging shower doors feature metal tracking along the base and wall hinges, with a frameless section along the top and sides. Sliding shower doors are free-floating with metal tracks above and below. Metal wall jambs offer enhanced adjustability. 

Sliding Shower Doors

While budget and style are essential, think carefully about the functionality of your shower. Sliding shower doors are the best fit for smaller spaces. 

Sliding doors also display a more seamless look and have functional handles that can serve as an additional towel rack. A possible drawback to sliding doors is the difficulty of cleaning the bottom of doors with frames.

Swinging Shower Doors

Hinged doors can provide better safety when entering and exiting, as well as easier cleaning. Swinging doors might also fit your aesthetic better.

Swinging doors look better in medium or large bathrooms, compared with small ones. You also have to be conscious of the possibility of water escaping from a swinging door design.

Type of Custom Glass for Shower Doors

You can pick between clear glass, glass with a pattern, or frosted glass. Privacy glass is a great option if you don’t want to be on full display if you shower while someone else occupies the bathroom.

Don’t forget about the shape. Rectangular shapes are the most popular, but we can also help design a rounded shower door.

Maintenance and Care for Custom Shower Doors

Regular cleaning is critical to keep your custom glass shower doors looking their best for as long as possible. Use a microfiber cloth and a gentle vinegar solution for the best results. Avoid any cleaners with an acid-base or abrasives, as well as window cleaners with ammonia.

A squeegee at the end of your cleaning routine ensures your shower doors have a streak-free shine! Ask your installer about other practical tips.

How To Reach the Experts on Philadelphia Shower Door Installation 

You spend so much time in your bathroom that you want it to look top-notch. Don’t try to handle a do-it-yourself project only to regret the results. Contact our expert custom shower door contractors in Philadelphia at Michael’s Glass at (215) 338-3293 or reach out through our website.

Custom Shower Enclosures Made to Spec

Michael’s Glass is the leading shower door installation company in Philadelphia, and we will install a high-quality custom shower enclosure to your specific design in framed or frameless materials. Let our expert shower door contractors provide a FREE quote in your home for your Philadelphia shower doors at your convenience from any design that you can imagine. Contact us today.

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Ordering Your Shower Enclosure

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