Can You Handle Your Own Shower Door Repair? When to Hire a Professional and When to DIY!
Shower Door Repair

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November 18, 2022

They can be as pretty as they are practical and withstand a barrage of bathroom torment. They can be sloshed by soap, get sudsy with shampoo, and streak with water stains. They hold up the weight of the world, or at least that of soggy towels and soaked bathmats, and keep your ceramic flooring from becoming a slip-and-slide as they shield the tiles from wayward spray. Such attributes refer, of course, to your all-purpose, always-needed shower door. 

But what do you do when this integral part of your bathroom becomes cracked, unhinged, loose, or just plain broken? The professionals at Michael’s Glass Company can help guide you before you even call them for glass door repair services – keep reading for more information!

Shower Glass Door Repair

To determine what to do when dealing with a broken shower door, you will first need to analyze what’s broken. Does your shower door creak, the glass no longer slides smoothly, or the hinges protest with every swing? Narrow down which part of the door is no longer functioning and determine which type of door you are dealing with. For instance, a framed or frameless shower door will need different attention than a single or double sliding door or a classic hinged swinging door. Each has varying parts that can break down over time from overuse, humidity, and simple aging.

If you’d rather leave this detective work up to the professionals, call Michael’s Glass Company.

When to DIY

Knowing when to be brave and tackle at-home repairs yourself takes a little sleuthing on your part. Are there screws that could be loose or a hinge that may need tightening? If this is the case, the way to fix it yourself might be as easy as using your reliable screwdriver. If the track of your sliding shower doors is dirty or rusted, causing a struggle with each attempted motion, a good deep clean using a reliable household cleaner or even baking soda and vinegar can work wonders. 

When to Hire a Professional 

If your shower door appears to need greater attention than your toolbox of household tricks can provide, reaching out for competent professional assistance can alleviate the stress and frustrations that often accompany DIY projects. The folks at Michael’s Glass Company are always ready to repair or replace your shower door, no matter the issue at hand.

Cracked glass can be a danger best left to those who know the product, and knowing how and where the shower door hardware may be broken is a safety issue for the pros. The professionals at Michael’s Glass Company can give you peace of mind, specializing in each type of shower enclosure and the glass choices that accompany them.

Getting Your Glass Fixed 

Reach out to your Philadelphia shower door repair specialists at Michael’s Glass Company by giving them a call at (215) 338-3293 or contact them online at for shower issues that you can’t handle by yourself.