Remembering Your Specialty & Window Glass When Making A Big Move

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December 12, 2016

Glass is a beautiful part of any structure, piece of a home, business or other decorative or attractive venues. Glass is resilient and forgiving, ageless and clean. No other substance alone can accentuate, protect and even withstand weather like glass can. The only thing more impressive is specialty glass. Are you taking care of the specialty glass in your home?

Whether you’re renting out your home or putting it up for sale, glass and windows are an issue that will not hide between the cracks. When moving, consider these specialty glass issues.

The most common glass problems are easily found if you know what to look for.

  • When insulated glass starts fogging, it needs to be replaced. The fog indicates that the compromised seal is beyond repair. A new seal is the only remedy. Even so, if you act fast, you can still save your sills and trim using a professional and reliable company. Be careful attempting your own repairs, one mistake can end up being costly and of course, glass is dangerous to handle.
  • Broken windows need replacement. Whether it’s one small section or a larger piece, the fix varies between a quick repair from a damaged frame, to more complicated breaks that only a professional can access, and render a decision on how to proceed.  Work only starts after an estimate is approved by the customer. 
  • Confirm that the window(s) open and shut easily.  Otherwise, they may break when being opened or closed.  Make a thorough check of all windows before moving in or buying a home. 
  • Remember, check all items that hold glass.  Check any sliding doors, front doors and even those windows that are fixed meaning they purposefully do not open or close.  Neglected leaks, small cracks or fractures will only get larger and become a bigger problem later.

A little less common…

  • Specialty glass includes insulated glass units, glass table tops and custom wall, closet and framed mirrors. So, have your total home glass inspection before you start packing!
  • Specialty glass also includes shower doors, enclosures and sweeps, decorative glass around landscape lighting and ancillary glass in general. Glass that seems to have no purpose may serve to beautify the property and add value. If you don’t see the value or don’t wish to incur the cost of upkeep or repair, do have a professional remove the pieces so that they aren’t a hazard or an eyesore.
  • While having your glass thoroughly inspected, consider including your auto glass.  Chips and cracks usually grow over time. 
  • It is possible that any repairs could be covered by your homeowner’s or auto insurance. A professional glass company can help you consider your payment options.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to make glass repairs on your own. Not only is it dangerous, but mistakes are expensive. Consider the expense as you save the repair receipts to add value to your home. Only a professional can insure that your move does not have any undue hiccups and you won’t have to carry those worries into your new home. As the year’s pass under your new roof, remember to check your glass and have preventive maintenance done to windows and doors.

Michael’s Glass Company is owner-operated and has been serving the Philadelphia area for over 30 years.  We know glass and how to fix it.  We understand the value of hard work.  We appreciate the effort that you display to keep your home in great shape.  We understand that curb appeal is important to you and to the value of your property.  We are here to help you maintain the home or office that you have worked hard to attain.

Do you have glass in your home, business or vehicle that you don’t see mentioned here? Contact us to see if we handle any of your unique glass items. In the case that we don’t, we can certainly point you in the right direction