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December 11, 2018

When you purchase a mirror or have one custom designed, you want to get a mirror that will provide you with long-term results and keep looking its best for as long as possible. While you may think taking care of a mirror is simple, many people fail to give glass mirrors the attention they require and end up with mirrors that are scarred, damaged or corroded.

Because mirrors provide functional and aesthetical purposes, ensuring their long-term performance is essential. Extra care should be used to prevent getting the mirror’s edges wet. If the edges get wet, this can result in a black edge, which is damage to the mirror itself. If the edges get wet, wipe them dry immediately.

• It is suggested that you use clean, warm water with a lint-free, abrasive free cloth such as a cotton diaper or a plain cotton T-shirt. After washing the mirror, it should be dried immediately.
• Do not use alkaline based or other abrasive cleaners that can damage the mirror. You should never use commercial brand cleaners that contain vinegar or ammonia.
• Cleaner should not be sprayed directly onto the mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner to the cloth and then wipe the mirror using the fabric. This will also help avoid contact between the cleaner and the mirror’s edges.
• Don’t try to clean multiple mirrors at once. Instead, clean one at a time and wipe the joints in the same direction as the joints.
• If there are spots of residue or stubborn dirt, use oil-free 0000 steel wool without solvents to wipe the grime away.
• Use soft cloths that are lint-free and grit-free to ensure a safe, smooth cleaning of the surface. Doing so prevents scratching or damaging the mirror surface.
• As you finish, carefully check to ensure all edges, joints, and the back are dry to avoid any damage to the mirror.

By just following these few steps, you can rest assured that your mirror will provide you years of trouble free service while looking and performing its best. To order a custom designed mirror, or to purchase additional mirrors for your residential or commercial location, call Philadelphia’s mirror experts at Michael’s Glass Company.