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March 7, 2016

When you need glass for your home, you want a residential glass professional who can make sure you get what is needed and precisely when you need it. As an example, residential glass professionals can help you with mirrors, glass shower doors and many other kinds of glass.

Mirrors have increased in popularity throughout the years and now are very common additions to home décor. Interior designers have used mirrors to brighten rooms, increase room dimensions and add to the room’s aesthetics. Professional glass technicians can help you with all of your residential glass needs, including custom mirrors.

Everything from small mirrors, sets of mirrors or mirrored walls can be created for your personal needs. Other residential glass services include custom beurl strips, commercial mirrors, and custom etching artwork. Custom bar mirrors, shelving, and glass tabletops are other kinds of residential glass services that are also provided.

Installation services are also provided, as experienced residential glass technicians can install mirrored walls, vanity or dresser mirrors, glass shelving and more. They can even help you determine what sizes or shapes that best suit your needs for residential glass.

Experience the Difference

When it comes to quality residential glass services in the Philadelphia area, Michael’s Glass Company has more than 30 years of experience providing first-rate results. With the ability to provide custom mirrors, glass shower doors and shower enclosures and other kinds of glass, they have established a reputation that clearly exhibits their strong work ethic and superior customer service.

Michael’s Glass Company offers free estimates for all services, so you will know what you will be charged before the work gets underway. Offering custom glass services and all kinds of residential glass services, you can count on the team for superior results. Call today to get an estimate.