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September 7, 2016

Glass windows can be gorgeous on homes as well as businesses. Whether you already have a unique shape and are looking for a glass replacement or you are looking to get creative, it is important to learn how to obtain specialty window glass so that you are not disappointed with your projects result.

What is the look you need

Residential and commercial buildings alike can benefit from specialty glass for the windows. Take the time to and determine what it is the best look for your project.  How do you envision the resulting appearance?  One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to ask yourself a few questions:

–           Are you looking to enhance the natural light?

–           Do you want to make the room look more spacious?

–           Are you looking for a particular design element or look?

–           Do you want to conserve energy?

–           Is there a particular shape you want or need?

Once you can answer all of these questions, it will be easier to work with a professional glass company. You can talk to them about what it is that you want with the glass, and then listen to their recommendations and ideas. They will assign a point-of-contact when you move forward which will make it easier for you the buyer.

Research generates interesting ideas

Your research should include reviewing home and garden magazines, websites, and more to learn about some of the latest window glass trends.  Don’t forget to check out local builder’s websites and architectural firms’ sites.  Lastly, make sure to search images of window glass on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Many of the images are the same on all three search engines, but some are different.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, check with another search engine.  If you can’t do that, just call us!  We will send a professional to meet with you.

It is an excellent idea to sit down with a professional from the glass company so that you can learn more about what they have been able to create, what they recommend based upon your space and the goals that you are trying to achieve with the new glass.

Choose the glass company wisely

Find out what the local, family owned and operated glass company offer.  It’s a good idea to meet with the company so that you can see what they are prepared to offer you. Review the quality of other projects that they worked on, glass types that are available, the prices, and their ability to create a custom-made job for you.

Explore the quality of their work, and ask questions. You will know whether the company is capable of providing you with the specialty glass that you require for your windows. You don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect, and therefore quality is of the utmost importance.

Explore reputation

The reputation of the glass company is essential to choosing to do business with them or not. Glass is extremely breakable, and you don’t want to work with a company that has a poor reputation for service. If there are any issue with the glass, you want to be able to make a phone call and know that the company is reliable and that they will do right by you.

Essentially, there are reviews online that you can read that have been left by past customers. If you read positive reviews, you can look forward to having a similar experience in most instances.

In the end, you want to be able to order specialty window glass and know that it is going to look gorgeous, whether you are creating a natural vista across your living room, or you are creating a unique storefront for your business. Taking the time to obtain the right glass from the right company will make all the difference in the world.

Contact Michael’s Glass Company today to learn more about specialty window glass options.  Call today at 267-592-3433 for a free in-home consultation with one of our glass professionals.