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Philadelphia Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are cutting edge home decor that can economically beautify any room, adding space, light and optics that literally bend light and the mind. Michael’s Glass Company of Philadelphia are experts on custom mirrors and able to deliver a project that sparks your imagination.

Custom mirrors subtly open up the home with reflective illusion that’s quiet and dignified. Our true-reflection quality glass returns colors and shapes with both flattery and accuracy. Designers rely on custom mirrors to complete several style makeovers from: Feng Shui and Zen-inspired rooms, art deco, and minimalist to the ornate richness of baroque and old-world styles.

Michael’s Glass Company will design and manufacture any custom mirrored wall that you can imagine. We will install vanity mirrors, mirrored walls, custom mirrors for bars and shelving, or any type of mirror to add beauty to your room in Bucks County & surrounding areas.

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Ordering Your Custom Mirror

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