Mirrors Can Create More Light And Bring Style To A Room

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February 1, 2019

Mirrors can be used to have a major impact on a room. Regardless of a room’s size or shape, light plays a significant role in its appearance. When you maximize natural light, you can reduce the need for additional light fixtures and save yourself money on your utility bills.
By using natural light, you can also enhance the room’s color and the design and attractiveness of each of the elements. Rather than absorbing light, mirrors reflect it. When used effectively used, windows can trick the eye into believing the room is larger and brighter. Where the windows are placed impacts the natural lighting of the room as well.

Placement of Mirrors

If the room is large and you want to experience more light with a natural feel, the mirrors should be placed by lighting sources. A long mirror can be hung on a wall underneath a chandelier, or smaller mirrors can be hanged near wall sconces.
To reflect natural light from a window, hang a mirror on the wall across from a window. If the room is small, a mirror on the wall across from a window can give the illusion of an additional window that results in a more spacious feel.

Mirror Sizing

The size of the mirror also plays a role in its light reflection as well. Larger mirrors are most often the most effective in reflecting more light into a room, so if you want the room to look bigger as well as brighter, just add a large mirror or two.
Small mirrors can be effective if they are placed in a group. A grouping of mirrors on a wall underneath a source of light or on a wall across from a window can serve as a room’s focal point while also brightening the room.
We have a variety of mirrors in all shapes and sizes available. You can also count on us for custom designed mirrors in the shapes and sizes that you need to complete your project. Call us to discuss your mirror needs.