Why Mirrored Walls Are So 2017
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December 26, 2016

Mirrored Walls used to be found in just businesses, but today they are prevalent in homes too.  A staple for reception areas, gyms, martial arts schools and yoga studios. Mirrored walls – which we could arguably say had a good run in the 1970s and 80s – are back, but now in homes and not just in the business.

For over 30 years, our local glass artisans have been designing and installing mirrored walls.   Lately, our pro’s have been designing glass and mirrored walls in beautiful, upscale homes, both large and small. Commercial customers have know about the benefits of using a family owned and operated company, one that backs up their installation and repair service. Now upscale homeowners see the results too. 

Many retail clients rely on high-quality mirrors placed throughout their stores to both entice shoppers (what doesn’t look beautiful when reflected in a stunning mirror?) and to help clerks keep an eye out for potential shoplifters. Display cases with a combination of glass and mirror surfaces can increase retail sales, during the holiday shopping season, obviously, but throughout the year as well. 

If your window displays or retail display cases are in need of service or repair, contact us by phone at 267-592-3433 or online. We know how important good service and fast turnaround is to keeping your business on track. 

While glass and mirror elements are both beautiful and functional in many retail spaces, they can provide elegance and style inside many different rooms in a home, too. 

Interior Home Design: Mirrored Walls Add Style to A Variety of Rooms 

From Houzz to Decoist, interior designers and decorators are returning to mirror and glass accents and full mirrored walls, particularly for specialty rooms and small spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym, you’ve probably thought about installing mirrored walls (it’s a great idea) but maybe you haven’t considered how mirrors can enhance other rooms in your home. Well, there’s a reason many interior designers consider mirrors and glass as excellent upgrades. 

Mirrored Walls in Bathrooms

Unless your home is a custom-built new construction, you’re probably like most homeowners who say their bathrooms are too small. Installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors on at least one wall in the bathroom can be an extremely cost-effective home improvement project. 

While painting a bathroom is often the first fix most families consider, installing a mirrored wall not only offers a more elegant and functional upgrade, it also eliminates all the hassles that go with painting a bathroom. (Bubbles, cracks, and the need to repaint frequently.) 

How Mirrored Walls Work in Other Interior Spaces

We’ve worked with homeowners who want to create new functional and beautiful spaces in their homes in rooms that feel cramped or crowded. Custom designed mirrored walls, or unique glass enclosures are often the perfect solution for those “too tight” spaces. When planned and professionally installed, a mirrored wall by a front door can create a visual foyer and a virtual “new space” in which to welcome guests. 

Dining areas are another smart space that can be virtually “enlarged” with well-designed glass elements or mirror walls. Consider what can be done to make your home feel bigger and look better?  Speak with a design professional today. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Mirrored Walls in Home Gym = Motivation

The home gym is a smart place to use mirrors. While not everyone has a dedicated exercise room, for those that do, installing floor-to-ceiling mirrored panels or a full mirrored wall is an affordable way to instantly increase the value of your workout space, not to mention, improve your workout.

When you see yourself in the mirror, you naturally want to do your best, and continuously work to maintain good form as you exercise. Talk about great motivation! 

For Glass that Lasts, Work with Professionals

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