Insulated Glass Problems: Dealing With Broken or Cloudy Windows
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January 20, 2017

Windows have been called the eyes to your home.

They’re a primary focal point on any structure; they also allow those inside to view the world around them while being protected from the elements. Choosing the right window is a very important part of making any house you’re living in a place you are proud to call your home.

These days the most important feature with windows seems to be choosing windows that are properly insulated. Double, or triple in some cases, pane windows have become so popular that many companies aren’t even offering non-insulated options.

While this is a good thing for homeowners due to the increased energy ratings, adding that extra layer of glass can come with its own set of potential complications.

Problem One: Broken Panes

One common problem that arises with a multi-paned window is a broken pane on either the inside or the outside. If there is a situation where stress is too great on one of the panes, it will usually develop a stress crack.

These cracks usually stick to either the outer or inner pane, rarely do they happen on both. When you wind up with broken glass on an insulated unit you at least have the comfort of knowing that when you swap out the glass at least one side is still solid. If that happens to be the inner pane, then it’s a tiny bit better than if it were the other way around.

Knowing how to repair broken glass window panes isn’t easy and so many people choose to call in experts to do the change out for them. Having a professional take care of the broken glass window panes makes life much easier, and the likelihood of damaging the replacement panel goes out the window in this situation. Whenever you can get professional help, that’s usually the best course of action, especially with a broken window.

Problem Two: Foggy Glass Between Panels

Another issue unique to multi-paned, insulated, windows is the fogging up of glass between the panels.

This is typically caused by a seal failure between the panes. The reason fogging occurs, and it will occur on any multi-paned window eventually, is that there is no way to keep air from finding its way between the panes of glass. All it takes is the tiniest pinprick of an opening, and the air will get into that open space; once the air is there it’s just a matter of time until the dreaded inner fog appears and your window goes from a beautiful viewpoint to the world to an obscured monstrosity that makes your home look shabby and dated beyond belief.

Some window manufacturers will honor a warranty when fogginess happens, but even then it is usually parts only, which means you now have the joy of trying to remove the old glass and put in the new unit without breaking anything in a DIY project you have to undertake.

Also, many times you need a serial number for these warranties, which may not be available if wear and tear have caused it to be worn off or if it’s been discarded altogether. That now means you have to buy your parts as well as perform the labor.

Once again it becomes much easier just to call on a professional to come out, assess the situation, and remedy the problem for you in a far quicker process than what you’ll face with many window manufacturers.

The Right Solution: A Glass Expert for Your Glass Problems 

Everyone who has insulated windows has dealt with one of these problems at least once during their lifetime. The key is knowing where to turn when you find yourself in this situation, which you can trust to take care of your needs. Michael’s Glass Company has been taking care of customers, both commercial and residential, in the Tri-State area for over 30 years. You’re not going to find anyone else more trustworthy when it comes time to make your home beautiful again. 

Contact them online anytime, or give them a call at 267-592-3433 today, to take care of all your glass repair needs.