Incorporating Custom Mirrors Into Your Design

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February 22, 2019

Mirrors can add to any décor and provide just the perfect accents to light up the room. By adding mirrors, you can make a room look brighter, larger and just overall more attractive. You can have custom mirrors made by a professional glass shop so you can have the shapes, sizes, and designs that you need to complete your theme or design.

Custom mirrors can be framed or unframed. You can get large full-size mirrors or smaller accent mirrors. You can even get a series of mirrors, such as a large animal shape in the center with smaller animals located on either side. These are great for children’s rooms, nurseries, dens or living rooms.

By incorporating mirrors to improve lighting, you may save on your utility expenses. Hang the mirrors on the wall opposite a window and the light from the outside will bounce off the mirrors, resulting in a brighter, warmer effect and reducing the need for additional lighting for the room. The light also impacts the room’s appearance, making it look larger and wider.

Doubling Space

By adding mirrors to areas that you want to expand, you can practically double the space. That means if you want your dining area to look larger, you can add a mirror. It will not only brighten the room but will also add dimension to space.
The key to success is the mirror’s size and where you locate it. Taking the right steps, you can create the illusion of a room that is much larger and much brighter. Mirrors are very desirable in home décor and are utilized by interior designers in all kinds of settings.

Have Mirrors Custom Made

There are many traditional or store quality mirrors on the market today. By seeing a glass professional and having custom made mirrors created, you can ensure your design has the mirrors that it needs in the appropriate sizes. You are adding a unique and personalized touch to the room.

Call Michael’s Glass Company today to learn more about our custom mirror design services. We have created high-quality glass products for more than 30 years.