Mirrors For Gyms & Dance Centers

If you own or operate a business, mirrors can play a significant role in your overall appearance and functionality. In a gym or a dance studio, wall-mounted frameless mirrors can help people see what they are doing wrong or how to improve their form when preparing for sports on a competitive level.

Whether you are coaching a basketball team, football team, volleyball players, cheerleading or the dance team, the proper form is essential for safety and overall performance. For more than 30 years Michael’s Glass Company has been providing high-quality custom mirrors throughout the tri-state area.

Custom Designed For Your Needs

We create custom designed mirrors specifically for your needs. Our technicians can conduct all of the measurements to ensure we create a mirror that matches up to your specifications and requirements. Whether you want a large mirror to cover an entire wall, or you want it divided into several sections, we have the expertise and equipment to come up with the perfect solution for your particular operation.

When it comes to the gym, ballet or dance mirrors you can count on our experience to going to work for you. Whether it is a school gym, a private gym, garage gym or a dance studio, we can provide high quality, custom-made mirror’s that will withstand the regular bumps and bounces that it may encounter day to day.

As we design and create mirrors, safety is given utmost consideration. We want to help you come up with the right mirror for your particular situation, so it is functional as well as safe for those who will be using it. We understand some gyms cater to younger children while some have college aged athletes or adults. Based on the usage and needs, we will work to create the perfect gym mirror or dance studio mirror for your facility. When it comes to gym mirrors in Philadelphia or the tri-state region, Michael’s Glass Company is a name people have come to trust for quality and results.

Ordering Your Commerical Glass Products

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