Glass Table Tops Are A Design Staple
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April 22, 2019

A glass-topped table is a design staple that fits virtually any style of decor, allows you to truly appreciate an unusual table base, and brightens up (literally!) a dark space. Table Top Glass comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes – round, square, rectangular. You can get colored or mirror glass table tops, tempered glass, beveled edges, and more. The best part of all is that getting a separate glass table top allows you to get creative with the base — a base that people will notice from every angle, thanks to a clear glass top. To give you some idea of the scope of possibilities, check out the following links:

In Kitchens

  • A rectangular piece of thick, wavy cut glass tops a kitchen island for another cool countertop idea. This one creates a water-like oasis in the middle of a calm blue kitchen.
  • More creative thinking manifested this small kitchen island with an organically shaped extra-thick glass top. It positively glows and looks much more interesting than it would if the owner had chosen to match the kitchen countertops.

In Dining Rooms

  • They call the finish on this curvy glass table top “shattered” glass. The table top will still reflect plenty of light, but isn’t as susceptible to fingerprints. Imagine how pretty this must be at night catching the room’s reflected light.
  • A round glass top is the perfect complement to a rustic tree stump base in an otherwise modern dining room. The rustic table base warms the modern space and adds some balance to the decor.

In Living Rooms

  • In a seaside living room, a huge piece of driftwood is topped with a free-form glass top for an apropos yet unique coffee table.
  • A square glass top sits on an architectural base in a sophisticated city living room.

In the Home Office

  • A long glass-topped desk is perfect in this mid-century modern version of a home office.
  • Here’s a square glass-topped desk with metal sawhorse legs and a space-age chair.


  • Here’s a clever take on a patio table. Its base is just three garden stools pushed together. Add a 48″ glass table top and voila! So much more interesting too, than a standard-issue patio table.
  • These homeowners took a cue from the beautiful landscape surrounding their deck and topped a finished tree stump with a rectangular glass table top, flanked by two dark wicker chairs.

Glass Shelves

Don’t overlook the design potential and benefits of glass shelves. They don’t distract from decorative objects, yet provide space to display them beautifully. In bathrooms they reflect light and keep the room looking fresh and modern while providing valuable storage space.

Design Perks

  • Using glass surfaces in small rooms opens them up and makes them seem larger than they are. Having glass custom-cut in a curved design also makes it possible to tuck a piece, like this desk, into a corner and still leave room for traffic.
  • Glass tables have an airy quality, and when they’re combined with other reflective objects in room create a light-feeling, bright atmosphere.
  • Glass can be cut to whatever depth you prefer. The general rule of thumb is, the thicker the glass, the stronger it is, and the more its natural green color stands out, as in these stairs made with extra-thick tempered glass.

Don’t miss out on the many benefits of a glass table top. Work one in to your decor and you’ll be sold. It’s elegant, classic, and modern all at the same time and will never go out of style! How many other materials can make that boast?

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