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March 29, 2017

What Specialty Glass Projects Can We Help You With?

When you have specialty glass projects in mind, it’s a sure bet that you’ll need some professional assistance with the job. Glass work isn’t exactly a DIY friendly project, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done.

These projects are only hindered by your own imagination and ideas. The whole idea behind specialty glass projects is having something made that suits you and your own personal preferences and decor. Whether you’re thinking of a project that will make your home the envy of the whole neighborhood, or you’d like to have something added to a business or store front to set you apart, it can usually be carried out with ease.


Residential Projects

  • Glass table tops are a great way to give your kitchen a very stylish and sophisticated look. It partners very well with wood or metal decor for a well-rounded appearance. In addition, glass will stand up well to water rings, scratches and even sun damage. With a glass table top, whether in the kitchen, dining room or living room, you can put away the coasters as you’ll no longer have to worry about unsightly water rings on your wood surfaces. A spray bottle of water or glass cleaner and a nice clean cloth are all you’ll need to keep a glass table top clean and looking great for years to come.
  • Glass cabinet doors can also give your home a very stylish look. Kitchen cabinet doors, in an array of styles, can even be personally etched to match the rest of your decor. The perfect frame can then finish off the look, or you may prefer to go frameless for a more modern take. In the bathroom, glass cabinet doors can be frosted to hide contents or mirrored so that they are both beautiful and functional.
  • Glass shelving could be right at home in virtually any room in your home. In the study, they could be decoratively arranged to hold your favorite books, trinkets or heirlooms and they could serve the same purpose in a bedroom or dining room. In the kitchen, they could hold fine china, wine glasses or other special items that don’t get moved around a lot, for less scratches or wear and tear.


Commercial Projects

  • Skylightscould do amazing things for your business. Not only do they let in much more light, so that showrooms and displays are vividly visible, but they also add a modern, eloquent flair to your surroundings. In addition to the beauty they can add, it’s also possible that your lighting bills will decrease, saving you money as an added bonus.
  • Storefront glass and windows are another great way to bring attention to your business as well. If you are planning a remodel, why not think about ceiling to floor personalized windows? The sky is the limit for ideas to really make these speak volumes about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s also another great way to allow natural light to permeate your inner space and would be great for flower shops, coffee shops and other social meeting places.
  • Glass cases can be used in many ways in your shop, and can be built to suit whatever your need. Whether you are showing off wares such as jewelry or even baked goods, a specialized glass touch can lend so much. Short or tall, long or short, whatever your need, glass cases can be personalized any way you’d like.


The Possibilities Are Endless

These are just a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of specialized glass projects that we can take care of for you in and around the Philadelphia area. Even if you only have a basic idea of what you want, we are more than happy to come out and lend our professional opinion along with a no-cost written estimate for the project. We are, know and love glass and we won’t stop until your complete satisfaction has been reached. For more information on what we have available, please feel free to contact us at 267-592-3433.