How The Functionality of a Custom Mirror Wall can Work For You
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April 19, 2017

Custom mirrored walls can give your home or business a brand new look, increase lighting in an otherwise dark room and make your spaces look much bigger. When mirrored walls are mentioned, most people think of solid panels of mirrors running the length and width of a solid wall, but that certainly isn’t your only option.

Mirrors are fast becoming a favorite among interior designers, especially when customized to reflect particular styles in decor or for specific functionality. They not only add charm and elegance to any room, but they are also a very affordable way to increase “space” without the necessity of an expensive remodel.


Residential Settings

In your home, mirrors make a great addition to bedrooms, foyers, bathrooms, and kitchens. When combined with different lighting techniques, they can save you a great deal of money, as lighting goes much farther when reflected. On the more artistic side, you can add style and flair with beveled, etched or frosted glass walls to complement nearly any decor.

In small homes where it is often tricky to decorate with furniture or larger artwork pieces, mirrors can give the illusion of more space as well as double your furniture look at a fraction of the cost. 

For the at-home gym, a mirrored wall can be just what you need. In addition to making a positive difference in lighting, it can also help by allowing you to closely monitor your form while you weight lift, perform yoga poses, or exercise in general. Considering the fact that many injuries are sustained or made worse by poor form, a mirror makes perfect sense in this setting.


Dance Studios

Where would a dance studio be without a mirrored wall? When a dancer attempts to perfect a new dance move or maneuver, it is absolutely essential that the proper form be practiced from the very first movement. The only way to know exactly what your body is doing is to have a clear view for yourself, and mirrors in this instance are the greatest tools available for the job.

Even for the seasoned dancer, mirrors are of the utmost importance when dancing with a group. Mirrors allow you to see the dancers who are behind you to help ensure that everyone is synchronized. It can also help to see whether your arm is as straight or as angled as the rest of the group to perfect a move the same way as the group. Also a mirror can help you maintain the proper distance away from others dancers as well, thus avoiding collision injuries.


Business Walls

Choosing mirrored walls for your place of business is a great investment decision. Not only does it create a more spacious and well illuminated area, it works wonders in hiding minor blemishes that might otherwise require extensive work. Off-colored paint or chips, small cracks and discolorations will disappear with the addition of a mirrored wall.

Additionally, and possibly more important, is the fact that there is far less maintenance involved with mirrors than typical painted or paneled walls. A quick wipe with some spray cleaner and it will look as good as new. There will be no need for repainting and touch-ups every couple of years and mirrors last longer than just about any other wall covering you could possibly choose.



Mirrored walls can add a great deal to your restaurant with the proper placement. Many times as diners enter a restaurant, they can be put off by the amount of other customers, which can make the room feel incredibly closed in. By adding mirrors to the walls, the illusion of space will be the first thing they see instead, making them feel much more at home. 

In feng shui, the addition of mirrors in a dining area are said to attract positive energy. Floor length mirrors will work well at reflecting not only the diner, but their food as well and as your customers become more comfortable with your decor and environment, they will be more likely to come again and invite or refer others to your establishment as well.

If you are interested in mirrored walls for your home or business, please feel free to contact us today. We will help you take all the guess work out of mirrored walls, assist you in finding the style that works perfectly in your space and take care of all the work. We are so sure that our thirty years of experience will work for you that we will give you a free quote, so call now!