Effective Professional Solutions for Broken or Cloudy Insulated Glass
Insulated window glass repair in Philadelphia

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April 5, 2017

Philadelphia weather is brutal. Icy and cold winters and scorching summer temperatures force you to take shelter indoors. While heating and air conditioning provide the comfort you seek, maintaining a pleasant interior climate can raise your energy usage and increase your monthly gas and electric bills. If you have insulated glass windows in your home or business, you have protection from seasonal weather changes. The insulation these windows provide offers relief from the high cost of heating and cooling your home or business. 

Manufacturers design and construct double pane, triple pane, and other types of insulated glass windows to minimize the flow of hot and cold air into your home. They also pull the double duty of keeping costly climate controlled air from seeping outside. This efficient reduction of heat exchange decreases your heating and air conditioning systems’ workload and lowers the cost of keeping you comfortable. Unfortunately, when an insulated glass window becomes broken or cloudy, you will likely see an ongoing reduction of these energy-saving benefits.  


How insulated glass helps keep you comfortable

The insulated glass in your home or business helps to protect your interior from seasonal temperature changes. Each window has two and sometimes three layers of glass separated by spacers. Unique components in these spacers reduce condensation and increase insulation. To promote overall insulating ability, manufacturers complete the final window assembly with a high-tech sealant. Some manufacturers also inject a gas between the panes for increased insulation. Creating your insulated glass windows requires time, skill, and precision manufacturing techniques, but the effort produces windows that offer important benefits:

  • Improved insulation for your home or business
  • Decreased heat exchange
  • Reduction in HVAC workload
  • Lower energy expenses


Visible signs of damage or deterioration

Cracks or breaks in a pane of insulated glass diminish your window’s appearance and reduce its ability to insulate your home or business. Deterioration due to aging and extreme weather causes similar problems. If these conditions are present, you may experience temperature fluctuations, reduced comfort, and a gradual increase in your monthly energy usage. A simple examination of your insulated glass units may reveal visible signs of damaged or deteriorating windows and the need of professional repair or replacement.

  • Visible cracks or breaks in the glass
  • A milky discoloration between the layers of glass  
  • Condensation between the layers 
  • Cracked or deteriorating seals


DIY repairs aren’t always a good idea

Insulated glass units are carefully assembled for high performance. To function optimally, your windows require professional installation, skillful maintenance, and quality repairs when needed. If you are a handyman at heart and your insulated windows show signs of disrepair or deterioration, you’ll probably want to pull out your tools and do the work yourself, but that’s probably not a good idea. 

While you might be able to repair or replace your own insulated windows, our glass experts have the skills and the experience to do it better. Our team is highly trained. We use quality parts and materials, and we follow strict industry standards. We offer you the peace of mind you get from knowing that skilled professionals with over 30 years of experience are on the job. We provide upfront pricing and give you our personal guarantee that we will do the job right every time.  


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At Michael’s Glass we know that insulated windows are crucial to maintaining your comfort during harsh winter and summer weather. If damage or deterioration are preventing your windows from performing the way they should, we offer the repair and replacement solutions you need. We restore, repair, or replace your damaged windows and complete new installations to upgrade your home’s insulation capacity. For more information, contact us via our website or call us at 267-592-3433.