Custom Sneeze Guards: What They are and Why You need Them
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July 28, 2017

Serve Up Food In Style with Custom Sneeze Guards:

Your eyes light up when you walk into your favorite deli. The rows of ingredients lined across the aisle look so inviting. The only thing between you and your food is the clear see-through glass, that lets you look but doesn’t let you touch.


These clear glass panels not only give you a peek into what’s cooking but also keep your food safe from getting contaminated. They keep off air-borne bacteria and other pathogens that can contaminate your food. FDA has made sneeze guards mandatory in restaurants where food is on display


You must have seen sneeze guards at fast food chains like Burger King, Taco Bell, Subways and also at the ice cream parlor… if you’ve noticed they’re not all the same size. The type of sneeze guard required would depend on the size of the restaurant, the kind of food served, and the space available.


If you’re planning to get one for your restaurant, a custom restaurant sneeze guard is the perfect solution. Let’s find out why:


  • Since they are made to order, you get exactly what you want. This leaves no room for rework or corrections, saving you a considerable amount of time, energy and money.


  • The sneeze guards available in the market are usually priced on the higher side. Custom sneeze guards not only offer flexibility in terms of designs but are also lighter on the pocket.


  • Customized restaurant sneeze guards come with the option of choosing the kind of light fixtures you need. This helps your food look even more appealing.


  • Sneeze guards glasses now come in a variety of choices. You can order an aluminum frame to hold a tempered, insulated or laminated glass for your custom sneeze guard. You can now also order sneeze guard glasses with custom thickness and curvature.


  • A custom sneeze guard prevents vapor condensation and water accumulation on the inside of the glass panel, thereby keeping the food from spoiling.  


There are many variations that you could choose from. We’ve listed a few choices here:

Portable Food screen: This design is ideal if you’re planning to set up a mobile shop for the flea market.

Sneeze guard with display shelf: This one’s perfect for cafes where there are food items on display.

Counter sneeze guards: If you’re serving a buffet or have a salad bar that you want to display you could secure them with counter sneeze guards. It’s got an extruded support system that makes it easy to fix on any surface.

Individual food covers: These are extremely popular for counter displays because they can be placed alongside each other, saving a lot of valuable space. These are ideal for small cafes with space constraints.


Serving your customers delicious and healthy food should be your top priority so that they keep coming back for more. And the best way to do that is to protect your display dishes with a custom sneeze guard.


Certified experts for installation of glass sneeze guards for your restaurant or cafe are a must. The technicians at Michael’s Glass Company have been fabricating and installing glass and glass related products in Philadelphia and the tri-state area for over 30 years.


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