What Do Custom Glass Showers Offer for Your Bathroom?
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August 20, 2018

Are you thinking about upgrading your home and giving it a contemporary, new look? Or maybe you are in the process of buying a new house that you want to design?  Going through home-decor magazines and websites can at times leave you confused. There are so many new interior designing trends, such an array of options to choose from. Doing a balancing act between following trends and managing your personal preferences can be a tricky affair.


When it comes to designing a bathroom, it is a combination of three factors that come into play:

The Appearance of Your Bathroom: You want the bathroom to look great.

Your Bathroom’s Functionality: A practical bathroom with easy to use fixtures.

Your Personal Preference: It should address your specific needs.


This is where frameless glass shower doors come into the picture. They are a great option to upgrade your bathroom and give it a completely new look. Frameless glass shower doors check all three boxes: appearance, functionality and personal preference. Since there is no metal or wooden frame involved, the door looks sleek and does not give the bathroom a bulky appearance.


These frameless doors can be custom-made. You can choose cut-outs that suit your needs. Cut-outs are specific cuts made to the glass, prior to the shower door installation. The hinges, hooks, handles are fixed into these cut-outs later. A custom door also means that you can design the door the way you like.


The advantages of getting a frameless glass shower door for your bathroom are many:

  • It can instantly transform the look of your bathroom, and give it a modern feel.
  • Since it is a frameless door, it has a seamless appearance which looks very classy.
  • A frameless glass door is low-maintenance. The door does not have any crevices or
    gaps that can accumulate dust and grime. This makes it very easy to clean.
  • Since there is no metal frame involved, there is no chance for rust either.
  • You could choose a plain glass door or one with designs and patterns.
    If you decide to choose a particular theme, you can choose a custom glass. Pick patterns that go with the overall theme that you have selected for the bathroom. For example, if you are going with an ocean theme, you can choose a glass door with aquatic patterns like waves or fish on it.
  • Since the door is custom-made, you can choose the exact size and dimensions that
    will fit perfectly in your shower area. You can also choose the position of the cut-outs
    for the handle and hooks for hanging towels or robes. The hooks can be placed at the right height for you so that they are easily reachable. 

One of the main factors that can make any area look modern are open spaces. With frameless glass doors, you can make your bathroom look bigger, more spacious and open. Without heavy doors or frames, the bathroom appears more spacious to the eye. It also looks brighter since light travels easily without the obstruction of opaque doors or frames.


Contrary to the belief that glass doors are risky, they are in fact very safe. The glass used for the doors is tempered and is extremely sturdy. The doors should be fitted properly though. A loosely fitted door can increase chances of water leakage through the gaps.


It is recommended that you employ the services of a custom glass technician to make sure your shower is done right the first time. We at Michael’s Glass Company have been helping homeowners in the tri-state area creating their dream showers for over 2 decades.


Now that you are aware of custom glass shower doors, go ahead and start planning about giving your bathroom an elegant new upgrade by going frameless. For quotes or question please contact Michael’s Glass Company at (215) 338-3293!