Crafting Elegant Custom Tabletop Glass Through Michaels Glass
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October 8, 2023

Tabletop Glass can give any room a sophisticated and chic vibe, and its transparency can also give the illusion of space. Glass tabletops offer aesthetic appeal in both traditional and contemporary settings. If you are interested in custom tabletop glass, Michael’s Glass can craft the perfect solution for your home or business. Glass is a great alternative to wood, and our glass tabletops can be shaped to your liking.

Benefits of Tabletop Glass

There are many benefits to tempered glass tabletops, many of which you will notice immediately:

Glass tables are ideal for rooms with a contemporary theme. They offer a minimalistic vibe and can easily be matched with contemporary furniture. Their clean silhouettes and clear visuals are perfect for any home with a modern touch.

Glass is a nonporous, dense material. This means humidity (moisture from the air) won’t impact your tabletop much. You have to worry about warping and swelling over the years with a wood table due to humidity. Use a rag and basic glass cleaner periodically to maintain your tabletop’s appearance.

Tempered Glass can withstand up to 600-degree heat, so it is considered non-flammable, unlike wood. It is also resistant to corrosion over time.

Tempered vs. Annealed (Standard) Glass

If you are considering purchasing a glass table top, you can choose between tempered or annealed (standard) Glass. These types of Glass are similar, but there are key differences in strength and durability. Annealed Glass is heated and cooled using standard glass-making practices. This allows it to be shaped, recycled and cut relatively easily. It is less durable than tempered Glass, and if broken, it will break into large, sharp pieces.

Tempered Glass is heated, cooled, and pressurized using a more complex treatment process that boosts its durability and strength. The Glass cannot be altered or cut when the treatment process is complete. If it does shatter, it shatters into numerous small pieces that are not likely to be harmful. For this reason, tempered Glass is considered the best option for tabletops.

Customizations for Your Glass Tabletop

When many people think of a glass tabletop, they think of a relatively plain surface with minimal design aesthetics. As it turns out, you can customize the color and pattern of your Glass.

If you want a simple yet unique look, you can select colored Glass, which allows you to match your tabletop to your home’s current interior colors. For a distinctive tabletop, go for patterned Glass. 

This obscure Glass allows for beautiful designs on one side of the Glass. Choosing colored or patterned Glass is a great way to make your home’s interior match your personality.

Choosing the Right Thickness

A glass tabletop is perfect for any space with a classic or modern style and will make the ideal addition to any business or home. Glass is highly customizable, so when you choose your tabletop to look like, you must consider its thickness. 

Regarding durability, safety, and balance, the larger your tabletop is, the thicker its Glass should be.

The thinnest recommended Glass is ¼ of an inch thick. This is best for smaller tables, especially if the tabletop is mounted on a solid surface or substantial frame. The more durable and appealing thickness options are ½ and 3/8 of an inch. It is also possible to choose a tabletop up to ¾ of an inch thick for safety and aesthetic purposes.

Glass Tabletop Edge Distinctions

You will also need to consider what you want the edge of your tabletop to look like. The type you should select depends on the intended uses for the table. Some of the most common edge types include:

Flat Edge – This edge is square and polished. It is smooth and shiny after it is cut and is ideal for anyone desiring a minimalistic look where the tabletop edges should be visible.

Seamed Edge – A seamed edge has been dulled by sanding. If you don’t want your tabletop’s edges to be visible, this is the best choice.

Beveled Edge – A beveled edge is straight, sloped, and usually 1 or ½ inch in thickness. The Glass is cut to size, and the edges are then polished to create a specific width at an angle.

Pencil Edge – This edge is round, polished, and shiny.

When To Replace Your Old Glass Tabletop

For many home and business owners, replacing a current glass tabletop with a new one from Michael’s Glass may be the best option. Glass is extremely durable, especially tempered Glass. Still, over time, it can accumulate marks and scratches. Many people attempt to polish the area to restore its appearance, but this only sometimes produces the desired outcome. 

Staining can also diminish the appearance of a glass tabletop over time, especially if it is stained with a hard-to-remove substance such as paint. Sometimes, ordering a new custom glass tabletop is the only option.

To create a custom glass tabletop, normal Glass is cut to size. , polished, and beveled. Once these processes are done, the Glass will be drilled or cut to the desired size. After it is cut, it is put through a tempering process, which will strengthen and harden it to resist deep scratches.

Install or Replace Your Tabletop Glass Today

If you are ready to replace your tabletop Glass or order new Glass for furniture, Michael’s Glass is here to help. We offer custom tabletop glass solutions to home and business owners, and we are confident we can find a solution for you. Glass tabletops offer a timeless and unique aesthetic addition to almost any space. 
We understand you want a customized option that reflects your home’s décor, taste, and style. Contact us today to speak to a glass professional.