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June 9, 2017

Don’t you sometimes wish you could live the luxury lifestyle of the stars… wine and dine at the best places on earth, and be seen with the who’s who?

We all wish we had material possessions like the celebrities that we idolize. The shiny car, the private jet or the sprawling mansion is probably at the top of your “wanna have it” list.

Though some style choices of the rich and famous might look bold and unconventional. They absolutely stand out. Most of these designs let their creativity, as well as personality, shine through.


What’s your style statement?


Since we’re on the topic of personal style, did you know there’s a fireplace in Christina Aguilera’s bathroom apart from a designer rug? And there are gorgeous glass doors and huge windows with a view of the ocean right next to the bathtub, in Lady Gaga’s bathroom.

Those just some of the more notable celebrity bathrooms. Another interesting one is Kayne West’s bathtub with a fish tank. It is something else, who would have thought of putting a fish tank in their bathroom.

If your style is bourgeois like a celebrity… or simply want a neat, clean looking frameless shower, at Michael’s Glass Company we’ll make your dreams come true.

Now your dream of creating a very own shower space that lets your personality shine through is just a phone call away.


Where do you start?


Most homeowners fantasize about a space they’ve either saw in a movie, a TV show or in the pages of a magazine. They start planning and invest most of their time deciding on the shower accessories. The shower enclosure naturally ends up being last on the list.

Frameless glass enclosures give your bathroom that spacious, spa-like feeling that you’ve always desired. They also happen to be the latest trend in shower designs. 

And keeping them in mind when you design your shower helps you display your style.

It’s a given that the designs should be well within your budget, but if you spend that little extra in a custom shower enclosure will blend in with your house rather than look like a piece of glass from the brochure.

With custom glass design, you make your shower and many aspects of the bathroom just how you want them. You want a custom aquarium to put in your bathroom? Done!


Custom Shower Glass


If you’re in the Philadelphia area and looking for custom designs on pieces of glass for your shower, bathroom, or just about any other room in the house at Michael’s Glass Company we can help.

We can produce individually handcrafted pieces, depending on your choice of design, style and material.

You’ll have various color options, finishes, and designs that can be etched and carved with multiple effects.

Imagine how your shower would look like with custom made etched shower doors like this or this.

Our artists use different methods of sandblasting to create the effects you desire. The interior surface of your shower is left smooth, making it easy to maintain.

Simple glass enclosures, framed or frameless and open bath designs have survived the test of time and look beautiful in almost any kind of bathroom.

The old school vanity look is gaining popularity, so is black, gold and white accessories in the bathroom. But the style you want in your bathroom is a personal choice and shouldn’t depend on trends.


Have Questions?


We would love to help you out with any questions you have about remodeling your shower or making use of a custom glass design to spice up any room in your house. Our expertise in glass and glass-related products for over three decades has helped home and business owners in and around Philadelphia bring their visions to life

If you need help or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us or call at 215-338-3293.