Bed, Bath, and Boujee: Truly Interesting Celebrity Bathrooms
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June 23, 2017

  We all see the crazy, extravagant things that celebrities do and buy. For the most part, we all wish we could be in their positions, without a worry in the world from the financial aspect. All the freedom of expression.

It would be nice to have to not have to worry about doing something questionable, like spending $250,000 on a bottle of champagne or buying a 67 million year old dinosaur skull.

While having that kind of freedom would be awesome, it does have its trade-offs. The biggest probably is, always being in the public eye and under a microscope.

It is always a very popular topic, on social media and tabloids, to discuss what celebs do and have. With people often looking at celebrities’ homes and other possessions.

You may not have realized this, but another interesting aspect of what celebs have are their bathrooms. A well-designed and executed bathroom is not only pleasant to look at but can go a long with enhancing the overall aesthetic of the house.

This is part two of a four part series exploring the more notable celebrity bathroom. Some are simple, sleek, and awesome while others are more interesting and crazy.

In part one last week, we explored the crazier and more lavish celebrity designs. We explored Mike Tyson’s notoriously lavish tastes and money spending habits and also Drake’s awesome Experience Shower.


Seriously Awesome Celebrity Bathrooms

I would like to start part two off with looking at, movie director, Michael Bay’s beautiful master bathroom, in his Miami home.

Michael Bay Bathroon

(Picture taken from

The most interesting part of his home is the master bathroom. What makes it interesting is that it essentially an open bathroom encased by glass walls. It has a shower and a bathtub. It is l a hybrid shower/bathroom. It is interesting and can be used as inspiration.

While the tiles or the shower fixtures may not be viable, a beautiful custom glass shower enclosure design like Michael Bay has in his home and it makes the space look neat and spacious. If you desire such a bathroom, a quality glass maker or company can help you achieve your dreams.

Another interesting shower design is that of professional golfer Phil Mickelson. Phil’s capsule like shower is beautiful no doubt. The whole bathroom is fascinating.

Phil Mickelson Shower

(Photo from

While the white marble tile and interesting shower pieces may not be your taste, there is no denying the beauty and craftsmanship of the shower glass. Sure, it may be unusual, but it sure is interesting and beautiful. While here at Michael’s Glass Co. we can’t help you become a professional golfer, we can help you have a bathroom that rivals that of one at a portion of the cost. Custom glass shower enclosures are our specialty.

We cannot forget about Dick Clark’s Flintstone inspired house. The late Dick Clark was a fantastic radio host and television personality, and his interesting bathroom exemplifies his outgoing personality.

Dick Clark's Flinstone Bathroon

(Photo from

Dick’s bathroom may be not be something that you may want to put into your house, but it is no doubt interesting and can definitely be used as inspiration for your own. It is always interesting and fun when individuals put their personality and other aspects of themselves into their homes.

While we may not be able to help you replicate the Flinstone’s home we can help you design custom mirrors and glass; we can help you design items for the home that embody you and your personality!


Need help?

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