Bed, Bath, and Boujee: Simple Sleek Celebrity Bathrooms
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June 29, 2017

We all see the crazy, extravagant things that celebrities do and buy. For the most part, we all wish we could be in their positions, without a worry in the world from the financial aspect. All the freedom of expression.

It would be nice to not have to worry about doing something questionable, like spending nearly $50,000 on an electromagnetic field reader to detect ghosts or buying a $325,000 dog house, yes a dog house.

That kind of freedom would undoubtedly be amazing; it does have its negatives. The biggest probably is, always being in the public eye and under a microscope.

Unfortunately today, it is always a very popular topic, on social media and tabloids, to discuss what celebs do and have. With people often looking at celebrities’ homes and other possessions.

You may not have realized this, but another interesting aspect of what celebs have are their bathrooms. A well-designed and executed bathroom is not only pleasant to look at but also goes a very long way with enhancing the overall aesthetic of the house.

This is part three of a four-part series exploring the more notable celebrity bathroom. Some are simple, sleek, and awesome while others are more interesting and crazy.

In part one, we explored the crazier and more lavish celebrity designs. We explored Mike Tyson’s notoriously lavish tastes and money spending habits and also Drake’s awesome Experience Shower.

In part two, last week, we explored some seriously awesome bathroom and shower designs. Some of them were well made and pleasing to look at. We explored Michael Bay’s awesome bathroom/shower, Phil Mickelson’s cool tube shower, and Dick Clark’s Flintstone themed home and bathroom.


Not over the top, sleek celebrity bathrooms

We will start this part of with exploring actress Hilary Swank’s cool bathroom. This bathroom concept is one that can be used and put into your home without going too crazy and changing the whole aesthetic of the home.


hilary swank bathroom

(Image taken from


As you can see this celebrity bathroom is simple, sleek, and beautiful. If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom this one you can really use for inspiration. While the tiles or colors may not be to your liking the glass shower enclosure and concept are beautiful and can be followed quite easily.

Fortunately for you do not need to spend like the stars to have a bathroom like the stars, a quality glass company can help you design and install a shower or any other glass aspect quite easily.

Another bathroom that is eye-catching but surprising simple is that of fashion designer Tamara Mellon. Here bathroom displays a surprising simplicity that also makes it beautiful.


tamara mellon bathroom

(Image taken from


This bathroom truly shows off the idea of simple being beautiful. Nothing is supper flashy or looks overly extravagant. This is another bathroom that one could use as a great source of inspiration or even duplicate quite easily, nothing is farfetched about this bathroom.

A glass shower enclosure as this, will not break the budget per say and can be had quite easily. The beautiful of the custom glass design is the same as with the rest of the bathroom, it is simple and sleek.

We cannot forget Ralph Lauren’s awesome, interesting and different bathroom. Unlike the previous parts, all of these bathrooms do not walk the line between crazy and beautiful.


ralph lauren bathroom

(Image taken from


This bathroom, while different from the first two, is still simple and sleek. The difference is that instead of wall tiles it is furnished in mirrors. The mirrors are interesting, they give a touch of elegance and curiosity. Everything else about this bathroom design is simple and well placed, it all meshes together.

Such a design can be made possible by a quality glass company. Most of the bathroom is either custom glass mirrors or custom glass in general, and it is beautiful.


Need Help?

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