Bed, Bath, & Boujee: Extravagant Celebrity Bathrooms for Inspiration
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July 7, 2017

We all see the crazy, extravagant things that celebrities do and buy. For the most part, we all wish we could be in their positions, without a worry in the world from the financial aspect. All the freedom of expression.

It would be nice to not have to worry about doing something questionable, like spending nearly $40,000 on a gold-plated cell phone or buying about $100,000 on gold Balenciaga pants.

That kind of freedom undoubtedly is amazing; it doesn’t come without its negatives. The biggest probably is, always being in the public eye and under a microscope.

Unfortunately today, it is always a very popular topic, on social media and tabloids, to discuss what celebs do and have. With people often looking at celebrities’ homes and other possessions.

You may not have realized this, but another interesting aspect of what celebs have are their bathrooms. A well-designed and executed bathroom is not only pleasant to look at but also goes a very long way with enhancing the overall aesthetic of the house.

This is the last part of a four-part series exploring the more notable celebrity bathroom. Some are simple, sleek, and awesome while others are more interesting and crazy.

In part one, we explored the crazier and more lavish celebrity designs. We explored Mike Tyson’s notoriously lavish tastes and money spending habits and also Drake’s awesome Experience Shower.

In part two, we explored some seriously awesome bathroom and shower designs. Some of them were well made and pleasing to look at. We explored Michael Bay’s awesome bathroom/shower, Phil Mickelson’s cool tube shower, and Dick Clark’s Flintstone themed home and bathroom

In part three, last week, we explore some seriously beautiful and awesome celebrity bathrooms concepts. We explored Hilary Swank’s beautiful yet simple bathroom; nothing was over the top. Tamara Mellon’s white bathroom was interesting and well-orchestrated. And who could forget Ralph Lauren’s mirrored work of art?


Extravagant, Beautiful but not Ridiculous

This part of the series will follow a similar theme as part three. We will look at bathrooms that are boujee but not so over the top that you cannot take concepts and implement them in your own home.

Let’s begin, the first bathroom we will explore is British model, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and, actor, Jason Statham’s bathroom.


Celebrity Bathrooms, Rosie Huntington-Whitley bathroom, Jason Statham bathrrom

(Photo taken from


This bathroom is interesting, while it may not be to your liking the uniqueness and beauty cannot be denied. Everything flows well; nothing is out of place. The windows are well-placed and complement the rest of the bathroom well. The glass shower enclosure is sleek, yet simple.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you can make your bathroom beautiful and sleek with the help of a quality glass company, such as company can help you with anything from glass shower enclosure, custom glass projects and much more.


Another interesting bathroom is that of musical icon Pharrell Williams. You may recognize Pharrell’s bathroom form, the 2011 romantic comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Pharell Williams bathroom

                                  (Photo taken from

This bathroom is interesting, yet very simple. Says a lot but isn’t over the top. Concepts from a bathroom like this can be easily taken and applied to your home. A beautiful bathroom like this adds a lot of aesthetical value to a home and can make it that much more beautiful.


The last bathroom well will explore is that of, musical legend, John Legend. Unlike the other two bathrooms, this is one is pushing it a little bit, it still is fairly simple.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen bathroom

(Photo taken from

This bathroom is very different and interesting. It makes use of a glass ceiling and does go into the outside of the home. This bathroom is pretty simple for the most part but different and complex at the same time. The tile work and glass work make it really pop but are also pretty and simple.

This bathroom shows that you can go the unconventional route but still remains within the realms of practicality. Sure you may not want to put your bathtub outside, but you can use all of these concepts and put them into your own home.


Need Help?

While you may not be willing to go as extravagant as some of the celebrity bathrooms we explored you can still bathe like a star with the help of Michael’s Glass Co. Here, at Michael’s Glass, we can help you transform your bathroom with beautiful new custom glass projects or a new glass shower enclosure. We have years of experience helping homeowners remodel bathrooms and making the home pop. If you need help with a project or simply have questions or concerns contact us or call 215-338-3293.