Custom Glass for Bars & Restaurants

Bars, restaurants, and taverns all have very specific custom glass needs. Examples of regularly needed glass services include mirrors, commercial glass for storefronts, and tabletops. There are many ways custom glass helps your restaurant stand out without sacrificing functionality. Here are a few options for custom glass services to help enhance the interior of your bar or restaurant.

1. Countertops

A custom glass countertop is a great option for bar areas or takeout counters. You can use the countertop to display menus, specials, ads, or cool designs. With the glass protection, the menus or actual counter underneath will not be ruined by water or food stains. The glass is easy to clean, and the extra layer adds another dimension of depth to the actual counter. No matter what type of counter your restaurant has, the glass can be cut and shaped to fit your exact specifications so there are no sharp corners or hanging edges.

2. Glass Mirrors

Glass mirrors help open up a space, making it seem larger. You can choose from all types and sizes of mirrors to fit various parts of the restaurant and create a specific style or aesthetic.

3. Salad Bars

If your restaurant offers a salad bar or buffet station where guests serve themselves, you may consider ordering custom glass for the sneeze protector. These large glass panels prevent germs from getting on the food and contaminating it. You can also use magnets to hang labels with the names of the food on the protector.

4. Glass Tables

Small glass tables present intimate one-on-one seating options, as well as convenient places for wait staff to temporarily place things. Glass tabletops are clear, clean, and durable for use in a restaurant or bar.

Michael’s Glass Company: Your Philadelphia Glass Provider

When you are in need of Philadelphia glass services, call on an experienced glass company that can provide a gamut of services. Michael’s Glass Company can provide you with standard items or create custom glass products for you. As your glass services provider, we can also handle repairs and offer tips for cleaning, care, and maintenance. Our experienced and friendly team can address virtually every commercial and residential need for glass installation, repair, and replacement. Call us for a consultation.

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