Specialty Glass Projects: Adding Charm to your Home with Mirrors
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March 3, 2017

No matter where you live, your house and its interior are always very close to your heart. The thing about mirrors is that wherever you put one, it will always reflect light.

Mirroring your walls is a great way to add more “space” and elegance to your rooms.

Mirrors will open up your passageways and make your living spaces look larger and welcoming.

Here are some tips for adding charm to your home. Use them if you want to use mirrors on your house’s walls with grace and a good sense of art.

Inserting Mirrors on Your House’s Front

Often, people totally exclude their outdoor spaces, when they are considering interior designing. However, people who utilize their outdoor spaces by hanging a nice mirror beside the entrance door are actually giving every guest a great first impression, even before they set their eyes on the interior.

So carpet your front porch, throw in some flower pots and hang a round-shaped mirror on it. The difference will make you more than satisfied. 

Utilizing the Mantel Shelf

Do you have a plain old mantle shelf? Why don’t you make good use of it by propping a mirror atop it? Expert designers reveal that this place holds a magnificent charm when it’s mirrored up with an artistic sense.

Installing Tall Mirrors on Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are seldom given any notice. Why? Since they don’t have anything on them, they just exist there, idly. For a positive and spacious change, you can mirror your kitchen cabinets up by putting up antiqued glass on them. Mirroring kitchen cabinets will make even a small kitchen space seem very large and wide.

Hanging Mirrors on Stairways in a Salon-Style

Many people leave their stairways empty. What they can do is, hang mirrors along the pathways and turns.  If these mirrors are added with photos of family members in a salon-style, the final look comes out to be extremely impressive.

Mirroring Your Wardrobe Panels

Wardrobe panels are also bare spaces, which are often left ignored by homeowners. Designers have suggested that adding mirrored wardrobes on walls are a great way to lighten up your room. This gives the look of an independent, free-standing dressing room. Also, having the mirror installed with frames helps lighten the overall weight.  

For covering up!

Each and every house has one embarrassing corner or space, which homeowners want to cover up and hide from the guests. In early times, people used to stack boxes or place the whole furniture to hide cracked or uneven walls—these days you can simply have a nice long framed mirror installed to hide awkward house spaces.      

On Unused Doorways

When people shift to a residence and realize that their new house has so many doorways to every single room, they can be creative by mirroring them up. Unused doorways can be painted, closed, and utilized by hanging one huge round mirror that acts as the show stopper of the living room.

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