Glass Table Top Replacement? 5 Points To Ponder When Replacing Glass Table Tops
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October 8, 2019

Contemporary, modern, and minimalist interior design schemes often feature furnishings with table top glass.

Dinettes, dining room tables, coffee tables, patio tables, end tables, and sofa tables are frequent fixtures with glass tops installed. With its sleek appearance and easy to clean nature, it is no wonder glass table tops are so popular.

And, if disaster strikes, table top glass is easy to replace. However, it’s easier to let us handle it than taking it on as a DIY project.

Regardless of shape or size, as long as you get the dimensions right and select the proper type of glass, your furniture can quickly be restored. Here are five key concepts to consider when you have to replace a glass table top:


#1. Shape: Even a strange, custom shape can be re-created. Although squares, rectangles, ovals, and round glass table tops are the most common geometric shapes, it is easy to replicate any unique pattern. You may even decide to opt for a new shape rather than restore a table top to its original shape. A rectangle can be given scalloped edges and rounded corners. A square can become a round shape.

This is a good way to transform that traditional rectangle glass table in your dining room. Think outside the box.

Replacing a broken glass table top can become a fun, creative endeavor. In fact, you can re-decorate with replacement glass of new shapes even if the original glass isn’t broken.


#2. Thickness: Thickness is part of the supportive structure of the piece of glass. Not only must a free span of glass be strong enough to support its own weight, but it must also be strong enough to support whatever objects are laid upon it.

Some glass table tops rest upon another surface as a protective feature. However, many glass table tops are suspended surfaces with the table’s framework and pane thickness being the only thing supporting the glass. Trying to save money by choosing an inadequate glass thickness can result in catastrophe. A professional glassmaker can help you determine the measurement of thick glass you need for your glass table top project, and discuss any extra custom edgework touches such as beveled edges, round edges, flat polish edges, pencil polish edges, and more.


#3. Ceramic: People often don’t think of ceramic as glass, but it is – although it may be better to call it a type of glass, as there are distinct differences.

A skilled glassmaker can substitute colorful ceramics as a glass option in some projects. Ceramic has a higher melting point, which might make it a better choice to use as a table top surface that will frequently have high-temperature objects set upon it. For example, a dining table with ceramic tile inserts can receive hot containers of food without the need for protective trivets.


#4. Mirrored Glass: This glass type, which is usually low-iron glass, is for much more than vanity.

Mirrored glass is used in many types of furnishings designed for display. Shelved, glass-enclosed cabinets with illumination heighten the appearance of display objects with mirrored glass backing. Pillars and pedestals for displaying sculptures often feature a mirrored surface. Even if a table originally sported clear glass, mirrored glass replacement is always an option.


#5. Tempered: In addition to the thickness of glass contributing to its strength, it is important to consider safety should the unthinkable happen and a glass table top break.

By using tempered glass, the worst can be averted. Tempered glass is actually considered a safety glass. It is four times stronger than regular glass. The manufacturing process results in a pane of glass that will shatter into glass pebbles rather than dangerous, sharp shards if broken. Safety is the reason tempered glass is used by automobile manufacturers and should be the same reason any homeowner should select it in their glass tabletop project. We can discuss any questions you may have regarding glass tempering.


If you have a replacement glass tabletop or shelving project, please contact us. Our skilled craftsmen have the experience you need and provide excellent service. We are specialists in commercial, residential, and automobile glass. In addition to quality glass repairs and installation, our glassmaker professionals can create the custom glass table tops, mirrors, and panes you need for any special project. 

Simply share your design ideas with us. From small pieces to big pieces – whether you are looking for simple coffee table glass for your living room or beveled glass for a dining room table, we are your go-to supplier for custom cut glass. We can guide you on your glass options and are happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer your questions regarding our in stock glass. Call Michael’s Glass today to learn more and get started on your new glass project.