5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Your Home Gym Mirror
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July 25, 2022

Mirrors Are An Important Part of Any Gym

Mirrors are essential to any gym, whether at home or in a commercial fitness studio. Obviously, the tools and equipment used for exercise have their own significance. However, the usefulness of a home gym mirror cannot be beaten. You only need an exercise mat and a few other items to set up a gym. With that being said, constructing a good workout area is impossible without a workout mirror.

It follows that the main feature of fitness centers are the mirrors within. The home gym mirror should be chosen with great care due to its importance. When looking for gym mirrors for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s look into them!

Dimensions of The Mirror

The most critical aspect of choosing the ideal home gym mirror is undoubtedly its size. The gym’s mirrors ought to be large enough to show a complete body image. Then and only then can you enhance your workouts. Also crucial is taking into account your available space. You should choose standard-sized gym mirrors if your home or commercial gym has the same dimensions. Make sure you invest in the appropriate gym mirror if your space was constructed using different measurements. Measure the wall in your gym accurately. Take note of the measurements when ordering a custom workout mirror to fit your space needs.

Mirror Material

Mirrors are made from a variety of materials to provide a variety of properties. Mirrors are frequently made of acrylic and glass. Although acrylic mirrors are inexpensive and break-proof, they don’t have the same clarity as glass.

Glass mirrors are preferred for gym settings for this reason. Consider the options carefully and select the best one for your home gym.


Gym wall mirrors frequently use tempered glass, but the durability of the mirrors varies depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, be sure to conduct research. Look through the profiles of the fabricators. Additionally, you can examine various glass suppliers’ online profiles and assess their legitimacy based on client reviews. Do your research and pick a gym mirror with a coating to protect it for long-lasting use.

Your Financial Situation

Of course, your budget will influence your decision. Prior to anything else, be sure to include a reasonable budget for the project. Then, consider your options and decide which mirror size, type, and style fit within your spending limit. You will be able to make an informed decision with the help of this knowledge.

Mirror Thickness

The wall mirrors for the gym come in a variety of sizes as well as thicknesses. Depending on your utility, you can choose the thickness.

Better mirrors are thicker because they are more stable and difficult to break. For everyday use, however, you can also choose thinner options. Even so, picking a mirror’s thickness based on its size is the best course of action.

Contact Michael’s Glass for Your Home Gym Mirror Needs

Final Thoughts: During workouts, gym mirrors offer much-needed visual feedback. So make sure your gym has the appropriate workout mirror. It is essential to consider all the above factors when purchasing your gym mirror to get one that is a perfect fit!

If you are ready to have the gym of your dreams, call Michael’s Glass at (215) 338-3293. We will work with you to design the ideal home gym mirror or studio mirror based on your usage and demands. Michael’s Glass Company is a brand people have come to rely upon for quality and results when it comes to home gym mirrors in Philadelphia or the tri-state region.