4 Types of Shower Enclosures and How to Customize Them
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May 10, 2017

Shower enclosures are often seen as privacy features, and not something that potentially adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the bathroom itself. This is because of their function as implements of coverage and simply a way to avoid the shower water getting to the rest of the bathroom. This opinion of shower enclosures couldn’t be more flawed through, seeing as shower enclosures are a major part of the bathroom’s total image.

How Shower Enclosures Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Bathrooms

Suppose you have the latest of trendy fittings and trim in your bathroom, from sleek, minimalistic bathtub and the latest intelligent faucet that is set to the theme of the rest of the fittings and tiling. All of that is well and good on its own, however, you need something to complete the look, something without which the bathroom will look somewhat empty, no matter how much it is furnished.

A toilet enclosure serves the purpose of enclosing whoever is taking the shower, as well as segregating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, making it look like a distinct section. Having the shower area stand out is important because, without it, it would be difficult to guess, on first look, where people are supposed to shower.

As far as the aesthetic appeal is concerned, it is only increased by having a shower enclosure that befits the surroundings well. However, with the several types of shower enclosures available in the market, it can sometimes become confusing, as to what sort of enclosure, with which door type, would be best for which bathroom setting.

Types of Shower Enclosures

To that end, following is a comprehensive guide on the types of shower enclosures and what function they serve, aesthetically.

Rectangular Enclosure

The shape of the rectangular shower enclosure allows for more room for the occupant to move about. This is a massive point of convenience for people who prefer to have a bit of breathing space while taking a shower. This type of shower enclosure is best for you if the bathroom you are going to fit it in is irregularly shaped, with a longer wall on one side. The end walls of this type of enclosure will be shorter than the sides.

Square Enclosure

This type of enclosure is slightly smaller than a rectangular enclosure, however, the shape of it meant that the shower area can be adjusted to a corner. This is a very effective space-saving tactic and it can be used to make a bathroom look bigger than it is. If this type of enclosure is fitted into a corner then there will be walls on 2-3 sides of it, which will also utilize less material (glass and trim material).

Another advantage of this type of enclosure is that it can make the shower area appear to be more spacious, if it is fitted into a corner, and if the enclosure walls are made of glass, on two sides.

Semicircular Enclosure

This type of enclosure is more popular nowadays due to the unique look it provides to the bathroom at large. The style factor surely takes an upwards bump with a semicircular enclosure, however, it is a bit problematic to fit into the right space, without leaving some wasted space on either side of it. It is also the most expensive type of enclosure to fit in, due to the highly curved nature of the glass, which costs a bit more than flat panes of glass.

Semi-Ovular Enclosure

This type of shower enclosure is a hybrid of the square and semicircular enclosure, in that it can be fitted into a corner, just like the square enclosure, but it has one side that is semi-ovular. This type of enclosure saves a lot of space due to the curved edges on the side which are facing out, towards the bathroom. It is also the more expensive kind of enclosure because of the curved side of glass.

How to Customize Shower Enclosures

You can customize shower enclosures in a variety of ways, starting with the type of glass that you use for the door and the sides. This can depend on your own individual taste, or the décor theme of the bathroom itself. If you want a bit more privacy then you can go for frosted glass, which has a higher opacity. If you want to give an illusion of additional space then go for clear, seamless glass, which will be almost invisible if it is of good quality.

Then there is the type of door you want in your shower enclosure. There are two main types of doors, namely sliding doors and swinging doors. Needless to say, the former saves a lot of space and it somewhat more stylish, while the latter is more a matter of preference and available space.

You can also select how strong the glass is going to be, with the stronger option being tempered glass. You can then have either clear glass or textures and patterns on the tempered glass. In any case, it is a good idea to make your final decision after having factored in all the important points, such as overall space, theme and personal taste.

The Best Custom Shower Designs Near You

For people in Philadelphia, who are looking to install a new shower enclosure, or upgrade the one they already have, Michael’s Glass Company offers a vast variety of options. Our designs can be customized to all manner of tastes and preferences. We also offer totally bespoke shower enclosure designs. Get in touch with us by dialing (215) 338-3293, or by visiting our office at 4625 Knorr St., Philadelphia, PA 19135.