4 Signs That You Should Change Your Glass Shower Doors in Your Home
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September 24, 2019

Do you have an obsession with glass? Do you think that glass adds to the beauty of a home? If yes, you are part of the majority of humans living in this world. Glass is one of mankind’s most prized interior and exterior designing tools. Through the use of glass, we have found ways to make our homes better and more soothing for the eyes.

One interior glass item that is of particular interest to all guests and residents is the glass shower door. Glass shower doors add to the comfort levels within the shower room, while being aesthetically beautiful as well.  Glass shower doors come in various types, with the frameless shower doors recently garnering a lot of interest from customers.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shower Doors

While glass items add to the value of the home, it is still recommended not to neglect it on the owner’s part. Glass items need to be taken care of and duly replaced when they have completed their life of service. The signs which indicate it’s time to replace your shower doors are:

The Glass Shower Doors Are Not Closing Smoothly

The basic function of a glass shower door is to add a lot of smoothness and beauty to the showering experience. If your glass shower doors are giving you a hard time while you are closing and opening them, then you need to host the idea of replacing the doors.

Nobody likes the idea of struggling with the shower door while in a hurry, thus it is imperative that a glass shower door that has lost its smoothness be replaced. To extend the life of a glass shower door, it is advised that you use frameless shower doors.

Frameless shower doors are not only very smooth, but they also extend the life of service. Frameless shower doors can be bought from a variety of sellers who give you a reasonable price for the purchase.

The Appearance of Cracks

Cracks are perhaps the biggest indication of the fact that it is high time you replace your shower door glass. The appearance of cracks on the shower door should not be neglected. If you have been neglecting the cracks, you need to get them checked out as soon as possible.

If the cracks are ignored, they can lead to a lot of harm in the future. The cracks are an indication of the fact that the glass door is in a state of deterioration. If you do not replace the shower door, there is the risk of it breaking or falling off, which can not only damage the surrounding tiles but also cause harm to you.

Outdated Design

You installed a very fancy shower glass door in your bathroom a few years ago, but since the design is outdated and the caulking needs to be redone. This unfortunately also makes the whole bathroom area look outdated and old. Glass doors are added into the interior designing to add to the value and beauty of the house.

If the design that you have becomes outdated than the real function of the glass door is not really achieved. An outdated design also signals that changing the old shower door may be necessary. Additionally, if you currently have an old tub/shower setup, this may be the time to upgrade.

Rusty Shower Door Frame

The metal frame on the glass shower doors often gets rusty, which can create quite a nuisance. The rusty frame on sliding doors not only makes the door look neglected and old but also affects the smoothness of the doors.

The frames often age faster than the glass, so they are expected to gather mold and rust before the glass begins to crack. Whatever the reason behind the rust, the look of rotten metal and scum decreases the aesthetic value of the door.

The solution to the problem of regular rusty frames can be to get a frameless shower door. Frameless glass shower doors come without the addition of a frame, and make life much easier for the users. They do not have hefty maintenance costs and are stronger. The glass used for the framed shower door is lighter and more prone to deterioration than the one used for the frameless ones.

A frameless shower door is also expected to last more than a regular framed shower door, as it boasts more strength and durability. The frameless shower door reduces the presence of metal within the shower enclosure and increases the overall aesthetics. Furthermore, frameless shower doors are very easy to clean, as they are made purely of glass, which can easily be cleaned with a sponge.

Install a New Shower Today

The best solution to a damaged or outdated shower is to complete a shower remodel.

While replacing the shower head and faucets and throwing up a new shower curtain may freshen up your bathroom shower’s appearance for the time being, the aesthetic will eventually fade away.

If you are looking for a new shower door installation without the hassle of finding the right screwdriver at home improvement stores or undergoing a long, drawn-out new DIY project, Michael’s Glass is your company. We have years of experience in custom glass and are Philly’s go-to glass shower installer.

Need Help?

Michael’s Glass Co. provides the best frameless shower doors as well as other types of glass and designs that cater to all of your needs. If you have questions or are interested in a new glass shower door or other glass need, contact us or call at (215) 338-3293.