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August 1, 2016

You have decided to remodel or upgrade your bathroom.  You know that you want a glass door for the shower.  Whether you are considering a new walk-in shower or just upgrading your existing shower, you have more options.  Glass shower doors have grown in popularity and are available in many styles and designs.  Experts report that the frameless glass shower door is starting to outpace alternative shower enclosures for upgrades and remodeling projects in the Philadelphia tri-state area, Frameless glass shower doors are by far more modern and have a much classier look and feel.  A real bonus to the frameless glass shower doors.  They are easy to keep clean.

Some of the reasons that people pick frameless shower glass doors in the Philadelphia area are that they immediately improve the aesthetics and the appeal to the bathroom area.  Frameless shower glass doors make bathrooms appear more functional and modern.  No matter the design every unit is custom-designed to fit your unique space.

Why choose a frameless glass shower door?

  • Immediately improve the aesthetics and the appeal of the bathroom area.
  • Frameless shower glass doors make bathrooms appear more functional and modern.
  • All shapes, sizes, styles and designs are available
  • No matter the style every unit is custom-designed to fit your unique space.
  • Optimize the space.
  • Modern, minimalist look and feel
  • Glass can be tinted.
  • Maximize the bathroom space.
  • Professional installed by an expert that works with glass for living.
  • Glass can be tinted, frosted, or even etched.

Lastly, you need an expert to install your glass.  Contact the Shower Glass Door specialists at Michael’s Glass Company.  In the Philadelphia, South Jersey or the tri-state area call a professional from Michael’ Glass at (215) 338-3293.

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